The Search For a Regular Hole

10 Aug

All men are inherently horny. A guy’s horniness is the source of his default motivation, his inherent mindset, and the most basic instincts that he has. This leaves him driven by a desire to achieve a combination of three simple things:

  1. Sex on demand.
  2. With a marginally attractive partner.
  3. Who is not so unbearable as to make limited social interaction entirely unpleasant.

That’s it. This is not to say that context is irrelevant, but to large extent so long as these three elements are satisfied, a man is happy.

While ideally, a man would like to be with an incredibly attractive partner whom he enjoys spending time around, the reality is that once these desires have been reasonably satisficed, the marginal risk associated with searching out higher-quality partners increases substantially. On the average, acquiring a new partner isn’t worth the potential sacrifice of a current satisfactory partner, not to mention the additional costs of searching for and developing the new relationship, especially due to the unlikelihood of acquiring a new partner of a significantly higher caliber as to offset the costs.

The fact is men just want a hole that they believe they can reasonably obtain and maintain for the long-term. There is no super-secret mystery behind what men want, the simple issue is that it is rarely provided. The supply of reasonable attractive, tolerable mates is incredibly low. As a result, two things happen.

First, due to the limited availability of mates that reasonably satisfice all 3 considerations, those who fall into that category are able to demand significantly higher prices from the market than are normally affordable. This prices the vast majority of men out of the market. With this shortage in obtainable, satisfactory mates, men begin to sacrifice in some area in order to satiate their need, leading them to consider mates well below what is normally desired.

Second, the resultant upswing in competition to acquire what are effectively sub-par mates, due to the undersupply of quality mates, allows otherwise low-value mates to extract prices disproportionate to their value, albeit in an exponentially more temporary nature as total value decreases.

This shifts the entire equilibrium point in the mating market down substantially, resulting in under- and un-satisfied men, who are considerably more likely to end up with incentive structures that encourage both lower levels of commitment, and a higher incidence of attempted mate level-jumping. Both of which contribute to lower levels of satisfaction amongst sought-out mates.


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